Since the inception of Giving Hope Thrift Store, Marc Marois has done a great deal to give people hope. That hope has come in the form of free furniture, toys for children, and clothes. Marc’s mission through Giving Hope Thrift Store is to give unselfishly.

Recently, Giving Hope was able to hire someone in need of work, provided furniture to a single Mother of two children, and is donating linens to The Wildlife Center of Venice on a weekly basis.

Here are some comments regarding this example of giving hope to the community:

“I was delighted to hear you had hired on of the WT Program clients in your Venice Giving Hope Store! You have given her great hope and the opportunity to be self-sufficient. She can now provide for her family and take pride in having a meaningful job. Thank you and continue your excellent work here in the community. Many people still need a helping hand and I am grateful you are here to give it.” — Lynne DeSpain, Community Representative – CareerSource Suncoast

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff, the volunteers, and especially the animals of the Wild Life Center of Venice, we thank you for your donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and has a significant impact upon the welfare of the animals in our care. As you know, the Wildlife Center of Venice does not receiver any funding from federal, state or local governments. It is only through the generosity of individuals like yourself that we can continue our work to rescue, treat, and release Florida injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. Thank you for assisting with our mission.” –Kevin Barton and Linda Schrader, Directors of the Wildlife Center of Venice

Recent Donation to single Mother of two…

Donations to help a Single Mother of Two.