Nearly a year ago, my family was forced from our home with very little warning. The home we were renting was in foreclosure and we didn’t know it. We have spent the past year living in a hotel with our 3 young children. We struggled to pay for our room on a weekly basis. We were having to buy food on a daily basis because we didn’t have a fridge and only has a small microwave to cook in.

Due to financial hardship, we lost our storage unit with all of our belongings. The only thing we had left was some of our clothes and a few of our kids toys.

Paying for our hotel room and our food literally soaked up every penny that we had. We searched high and low for an affordable rental home, but everyone wanted such a huge amount of money to move in. We struggled until time for our tax return. Thankfully, we were getting enough to cover rent and security deposit. After many let downs and major disappointments, we received a phone call that we were approved for a house that we could afford. My day was filled tears of absolute joy. Then, the reality of our situation hit me like a ton of bricks.

We were all set to sign the lease on our new home the next day, but didn’t have any of the necessities to make our house a home.

A dear friend knew of our situation and the struggle we had been through. I received a call from her that told me to stop worrying, my family would be taken care of. She contacted Marc with Giving Hope and he asked her to bring us in to his organization.

We arrived and were greeted in the warmest possible way. Throughout this journey we have been faced with shame in dealing with some judgmental people. Marc had a smile on his face and a warm heart, and wanted to know how he could make our house a home. He opened his doors and set out to make sure we have everything we needed. He gave us very nice furniture – a couch, a recliner, dining table with 6 chairs, and a King sized bed. He even made sure each of our kids picked out a toy to take home. This man had never met us before, but blessed us like he had known us forever.

Thanks to Marc, we ate dinner as a family at the table. We spent family time on the couch watching a movie. Then everyone was tucked into their nice, warm beds for a restful night of sleep.

What Marc is doing with Giving Hope is exactly that – giving hope to people that may not otherwise have it. Our hearts are filled with gratitude that words cannot even begin to express!!

–Mike, Shelly & Family